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Challenging the fitness stereotype with activewear designed by a plus-size woman for plus-size women. Simple.


At Well Fit, we firmly believe that activewear should be accessible to every body, embracing the diversity of women's shapes and sizes. We celebrate the beauty of curves, understanding that wobbly bits, bulges, and muffin tops are all part of being human. We are here to empower you, regardless of your body shape, and provide activewear that motivates you to push yourself beyond your limits.

We understand the fear and self-consciousness that you may feel when taking up space at the gym or starting a new fitness or health regimen. That's why our range is designed with inclusivity at its core. When we say inclusive, we mean it. Our current range extends up to a UK size 30, ensuring that women of all sizes can find activewear that fits them comfortably and boosts their confidence.


At Well Fit, it's about more than just selling activewear. We're on a mission to redefine societal standards of beauty and create a space where every woman feels seen, valued, and celebrated. We want you to embrace your body, no matter its shape or size, and feel empowered to live an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Join our community of confident and empowered women. Discover the joy of activewear that not only fits well but also inspires you to conquer new challenges. Together, let's break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for a more inclusive and body-positive fitness industry.

Remember, you deserve to move, bend, and stretch your body without any limitations. Let Well Fit be your partner on your mission towards self-acceptance, self-love, and body confidence.




"Well Fit was born from the frustrations of not being able to find comfortable, flattering activewear for a plus-sized body. Body confidence is not something that comes naturally to everyone, especially me, when squashed into a crop top and shorts or a baggy t-shirt/tight vest combo and leggings that fall short of their purpose. Failing to find what I wanted, I set out to design activewear that fits, flatters and functions!

Well Fit is more than just a brand or an activewear company, it's a community, a movement. A place where women can feel safe to discuss their body hang-ups, their good and bad experiences with sport or exercise and a chance to meet other women who share the same insecurities so that we can build each other up and spread confidence wherever we go!

I would love you to join the community over on our instagram @wellfitactive and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or suggestions."



We are a slow fashion brand. Creating our activewear in small batches with minimal waste.

Crafted by hand in our UK studios using sustainably-sourced fabric made from recycled ocean plastic.